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My name is Séamus Walsh, and I am a Bereavement Recovery Coach and certified Advanced Grief Recovery Method® Specialist.

Based on the Grief Recovery Method, I deliver a 7 Step Grief Recovery Program called Discovery to Recovery.

For over three and a half decades, the Grief Recovery Method has been a successful alternative to Bereavement Counselling or Grief Therapy. It holds similarities to both these talk therapies yet is distinctive in its recovery approach to helping grievers resolve their grief from death, divorce and other significant loss events we experience in our lives.

The Discovery to Recovery program will enable you to honestly and naturally reconcile the ways that up until now have prevented you from healing because of the loss suffered.

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Séamus Walsh

Unfortunately, death, divorce, and other losses are an inevitable part of life, just like the passing of time. You might have heard a person say, “Time is a Healer.” However, the reality is that time passes, and time itself has no healing qualities for grief and loss.

It is natural that every time we suffer a loss, grief is the corresponding emotion we experience because of this loss. Research shows the more losses you have had, the more accumulated grief we gather. This one factor alone regretfully keeps many unaware people stuck in their suffering.

Only the right information accompanied with the correct actions will heal the emotional pain of grief. And, as you begin to understand this, it is these small actions that will lead you to recovery.

Certified Advanced Grief Recovery Method® Specialist


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1-2-1 Recovery.
Loss of a

1-2-1 Recovery.
Loss of a
Family Member

1-2-1 Recovery.
Loss of a

1-2-1 Recovery.
Loss of a
Work Colleague