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Certified Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist

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My name is Séamus Walsh, and I am a Certified Advanced Grief Recovery Method® Specialist and Mind Coach.

Based on the Grief Recovery Method, I deliver a 7 Step Grief Recovery Program called Discovery to Recovery.

Unfortunately, death, divorce, and other losses are an inevitable part of life, just like the passing of time. You might have heard a person say, “Time is a Healer.” However, the reality is the passing of time is not a healer when it comes to grief and loss.

Only the right information accompanied with the correct actions will heal the emotional pain of grief. And when you understand that it is these small actions that will lead you to recovery now.

Séamus Walsh_the Mindologist

Séamus Walsh

And as you discover for yourself how the Grief Recovery Method works, you will recognise how it nurtures and supports your recovery journey from death, divorce and other occurring loss events we experience in our lives. In a unique approach that will enable you to sincerely and naturally reconcile feelings of guilt and any unfinished business linked to the loss.

Every time you suffer a loss, you undergo grief and the more losses you have had, the more grief you accumulate and this one factor alone regretfully keeps many people who are unaware stuck in their grief.

For over thirty-five years, this program has been the only grief support program with an evidence-based scientifically proven to help you move through and beyond the pain of grief and exceeds a “best practice” or “promising approach” in dealing with emotional pain. So you can be sure there will be positive differences in your personal and professional life.

I am an accredited member of IAMC (International Association of Mind Coaches) and a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Certified Advanced Grief Recovery Method® Specialist


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