Finding Faith In Yourself

My name is Séamus Walsh, and I am a professional Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist and Master Practitioner of NLP.


I assist and support people who have endured the life changing and heart breaking experience of loss because of death, divorce and other losses.


Helping them through the struggle and sorrow grief has brought into their lives.


My Motivation - My Journey

I couple my first-hand experience, knowledge and training to help my clients process the grief caused by significant emotional loss. Using a non-judgment approach, their given the space and time they need to freely and honestly put their grief into words.

I came face-to-face with the changing force of these emotions when my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 1994 and lived for only a few short months after his diagnosis.

It took me some years before I was ready to deal with my loss. The constant pain kept stirring up negative emotions like anger, resentment, sadness, and anxiety until I finally decided to do something about it.

Even though this one step started me on the road to finding faith in myself to take this journey, it was solely when I discovered the Grief Recovery Method®. I was in a position to truly move forward to a place where it made it possible to relinquish the hurt and pain of losing my Dad.

Having experienced the power of the Grief Recovery Method, for this reason, I’m motivated to do the same for others who are currently mourning a loss in their life.

Benefits of Working with Grief Recovery Coaching...

My Approach

I offer a comprehensive and proven evidence-based program. This program is designed specifically to be client-centred, and supportive. And guides you as you move from understanding to relinquishing your grief.


My approach to healing is compassionate and empathetic, primarily relying on truthful communication between me and the client. My methodology is focused on you! I understand that grief is unique for everyone. Every person has their own path to resolution.


So, you will never be rushed or pressured.


My part is to help grievers process their pain and guide them to discover a way forward and the inner strength within themselves on their road to recovery with the expertise I have learned.


To help facilitate the process of recovery so they can heal their grief and continue to live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

How Do I Know If I Am Ready For Coaching?

  1. Is there you something you want to change or improve?
  2. Are you willing to make the needed changes?
  3. Are you willing to include another person (coach) to support you in the change process?

If you're answering "YES" to these questions you are ready...