Finding Faith In Yourself

My name is Seamus Walsh, and I am a professional Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, Anger Management Coach and Master Practitioner of NLP.

I work with and support people who have experienced loss and are grieving. And I work with people who face the challenge and struggle to bring control over anger in their lives.

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Séamus Walsh

My Motivation - My Journey

I relate my first-hand knowledge, experiences, and training to help my clients process the grief caused by significant emotional loss. And free themselves from the grip of destructive consequences of anger, allowing them the freedom to move on and live a happy and healthy life.

I came face-to-face with the changing force of these emotions for the first time during my mid-teens when my beloved father was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 1994. Living only a few months after his diagnosis, my father left me when I was at a very tender age, which impacted my life in ways I could not even understand.

As a young person, I had not yet developed the capability to comprehend these feelings or deal with them in the right way. Never leaving me but continued building up inside me for 20 long years. This deep-rooted grief and sense of loss reflected in all aspects of my life.

Be it my relationships, my work or social life, the constant pain kept stirring up negative feelings like anger, resentment, sadness, anxiety, and pain until I became overwhelmed and decided to do something, finally about it.

In 2014, after 20 long years of my father’s death, I finally decided to seek help. I availed of CBT therapy and coaching. Through this process, I started to understand both grief and anger are natural emotions. However, this was only my first step!

Even though this one step started my road to finding faith in myself, it was only when I discovered the Grief Recovery Method® and C.A.M Anger Management. That, I could truly move forward to a place where I was able to overcome the hurt and pain of losing my Dad, close relatives, and friends.

After experiencing the power and results of the Grief Recovery Method and C.A.M Anger Management program, this is why I’m motivated to do the same for others who are struggling with anger and have suffered loss in their lives.

Benefits of Working with Hand On Heart Coaching...

My Mission

To help grievers process their pain and find a way forward so they can recover from their grief and continue on to living happier, healthier, and fulfilling lives.

My Values

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Empathy
  • Confidentiality

My Approach

I offer comprehensive and proven evidence-based programs. These programs are designed specifically to be client-centred, supporting and guiding you as you move from understanding your grief and anger to relinquishing it.

My approach to healing is simple, natural, compassionate, and highly practical, primarily relying on communication. My methodology revolves around you! I understand that grief and anger are unique for every individual. Everyone has their own roadmap to resolution.

So, I never rush or pressure you. I only guide you to discover the faith in yourself on your road to recovery with the skills and techniques I have learned to help facilitate the process of healing.