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The time to find joy and regain your passion for living a fulfilled, happier, healthier life is now. The right way to do that is to begin by acknowlegding our unresolved grief and angry feelings, as they can manifest as pain, sorrow, fear, and resentment, negatively affecting all aspects of your life.

You don’t want that! So, reach out today, and I will be here to help you with our evidence-based grief recovery and anger manangement services for todays world.

Based in Limerick, Ireland, I work with clients in person residing nearby and in surrounding areas. I also coach and counsel clients worldwide through online video meetings.

"strength is found in your weaknesses. It’s in our vulnerability that we find strength."

Reach out today to get the help you need to live a wholesome life!

I offer a 30-min FREE session through my Hand On Heart” call that can provide support resources and the following steps to put you on the path to inner healing.

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