Grief Recovery Method®

What is the Grief Recovery Method®?

The Grief Recovery Method® (G.R.M) is a simple, natural yet powerful way to learn how to resolve how you think, feel, communicate and behave because you have lost someone to death, divorce or other losses.

The Grief Recovery Method® will help you understand grief and how it can affect you and the people around us in many ways.

When you start, and as you go through and learn the Grief Recovery Method® you will begin to notice the G.R.M can positively affect how you communicate with yourself and the world around you.

It can teach you how to identify, leave behind and move on from the destructive beliefs that have kept you stuck in your grief to become happier, healthier and embrace life once again.

The Grief Recovery Method® is a series of seven steps designed in a manner that allows you to easily learn the skills to resolve any unfinished business from the loss and move beyond it. So you can be sure there will be positive differences in your personal and professional life.

The Grief Recovery Institute®, founded almost 40 years ago by John James and Russell Friedman, provides training throughout the United States and Canada with affiliates in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Sweden, Africa, and the United Kingdom.

The Grief Recovery Method® is the only grief support programme that is evidence-based to positively impact while helping grievers move beyond death, divorce and other losses.

What Does Evidence-Based Mean?

“Evidence-Based” means researching to look into how the Grief Recovery Method® works. And the results published in a peer-reviewed journal. 

For this research, Dr Rachael Nolan and Dr Jeff Hallam published their findings in two articles in “The American Journal of Health Education.” They also presented these studies at various conferences.

Their studies show the G.R.M® goes beyond a “best practice” or “promising approach” in dealing with the emotional pain of loss. Meaning there is high confidence those who follow the Grief Recovery Method® can find happiness in their lives despite the loss they suffered.

The Grief Recovery Method® helps grievers deal with those things they wish might have been different or better. It gives them the chance to address their dreams and hopes for the future, which is not the future they had planned.

 It helps them address the words left unspoken. It helps them with the lost relationship that they thought would cause them pain for the rest of their life. All these things may sound too good to be true, but this research shows the dreams of a better tomorrow is real, thanks to the Grief Recovery Method®.

Initial Free Consultation

The Grief Recovery Method® is an evidence-based, step by step program that helps people move through and beyond the pain of loss.

Before starting the G.R.M, you will receive a free 30-minute consultation which we can do by phone or online via Zoom.

  • In this consultation, we will chat a little about “What Happened?”
  • Establish if there is anything you wish had been different, better or more.
  • Explain the concept of unresolved grief being almost always being about undelivered communications of an emotional nature.
  • Explain how the G.R.M addresses this in a structured way.

Remember to ask about the Money Back Guarantee when you book your Free Consultation.


Listen to me talk about my Grief Recovery Journey with the phenomenal Danielle Serpico of Dublin City FM Mind Matters Show.


Grief: The 40+ Events That Can Be Triggers

The Grief Recovery Institute states that “stress” is another word for “grief.”

It defines grief by saying that it’s the result of the conflicting feelings caused by the end of or change in a familiar behaviour pattern. More simply stated, it is the normal and natural reaction to any change that occurs in life.

Here are some of the most common types of loss.

  • Death of a Family Member/Partner or Close Friend
  • Relationship Breakup
  • Marriage Ending
  • Empty Nest
  • Loss of Personal Health
  • Loss due to Serious Illness of a loved one
  • Loss of a Physical Ability
  • Loss of a Job
  • Loss of Financial Security
  • Death of a Pet

For the full blog about the 40+ events which can be trigger grief, click here

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