What is Grief?

Grief is one of the most difficult experiences we will ever have to go through in life.

Here are a few ways in which grief has been described;

  • Grief is the normal and natural response to a loss of any kind.
  • Grief is the conflicting feelings caused by the end of or change in a regular pattern of behaviour.
  • Grief is our inward thought and emotions in response to bereavement or loss.
  • Mourning is the outward expression of our grief.

After a person dies we can struggle to come to terms with what has happened. But I think it is very important to remember that grief is not a sign of weakness, our grief is in fact a sign that we cared.

Some people interpret grief as a sickness or a disease or a mental health disorder. But the reality we need to recognize and understand is, grief is not a reflection on our coping mechanisms, our grief is actually a tribute to the fact that we’re saying I miss the person so much that we shed tears.

That’s right grief is the cost of caring and it is very important to recognize grief is not a pathological thing or an illness or a mental health thing. It is how we think and feels on the inside when someone we love dies or when something we love has been lost.

You’re grieving and that is a normal and natural reaction to bereavement or loss of any kind.

What to Expect from this Grief Recovery Method?

Apart from helping you process your loss, my grief counselling allows you to:

  • Express & reconcile your emotions
  • Help you come to terms with your loss
  • Learn to live life differently without your loved one
  • Reconcile feelings of guilt & regret
  • Manage anxiety & depression
  • Bring back clarity into your life

What is Recovery?

  • Recovery means feeling better.
  • Finding new meaning in living.
  • Enjoying cherished memories without having them precipitate painful feelings of regret or remorse.
  • Claiming your circumstances instead of your circumstances claiming you and your happiness.
  • Acquiring the skills not taught during childhood, the skills that allow us to deal with loss directly.

Grief Recovery Coaching – A Heart-Centred Habitude to Healing

The Grief Recovery Program is an uncomplicated yet highly effective 8-Step Program based on the Grief Recovery Method®.


The Grief Recovery Method was created nearly 50 years ago by grievers for grievers. Who discovered a unique approach to recovery that helps people process the pain of grief effectively.


By it’s very nature, grief is our inward thought and emotional response to bereavement or loss. And as such, we must first heal on the inside before our world heals on the outside.


Imagine a light, compassionate, and heartfelt approach. This discovery to recovery journey helps reconcile how you think, feel, communicate, and behave due to the loss you have suffered. Identify those feelings that have kept you from healing naturally, gaining closure, or moving life forward.


As you go through the different steps of grief recovery and open up, how this program works. You will gradually realize many affirmative changes in yourself, guiding you towards a better future.


Grief Recovery is a journey, and as your Grief Recovery Specialist I will be with you by your side every step of the way! 

Unfortunately, grief has many myths, such as;


  • Time’s a healer 
  • Move on, and you will be okay
  • Keep busy and forget all about it
  • Grieve alone
  • Be strong

These never work at best they only give you temporary relief from the pain of your grief. Instead, they only bury your sadness deep within you, which can be even more troublesome! In order to truly recover from grief, you need to process it the right way, and I am here to ensure that with my well-designed and comprehensive Grief Recovery program.


Imagine creating new meaning in life by finding a way forward to healing your heart after the loss of a loved one. Together, we will take small actionable steps to guide and support you through your grieving and to your recovery.

How Do I Know If I Am Ready For Coaching?

  1. Is there you something you want to change or improve?
  2. Are you willing to make the needed changes?
  3. Are you willing to include another person (coach) to support you in the change process?

If you're answering "YES" to these questions you are ready...