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Back in March 2015 after spending 6 months travelling New Zealand I returned home to Ireland. Having had 6 months out I was refreshed and eager to get back into work in the Electrical Industry.

I was one of the lucky ones who during the “Disappearing of the Celtic Tiger” always had a job and didn’t have to leave the country to find work and soon after returning from NZ my luck stayed with me and I managed to find a new job working in the Renewable Energy Sector.

It was great I had worked in renewable energy before leaving for NZ so I knew the ropes and working outside seeing some of the beautiful scenery Ireland and Scotland have to offer was a bonus as I really love the outdoors.

All ran smoothly for about 7 months and then my feelings for the job started to change having spent most of those months in Scotland away from home, I thought it was a longing to spend more time in Ireland that I was after, so I decided to look for a new job where I could be at home more with family and friends. I heard through the grapevine of a company that was hiring and so 2 months later I started my second new job…Happy Days or so I thought…

I was back home working with a good company and again it involved outdoor work combined with some inside work which was good for the rainy days. I was feeling happier to be home but still something small was niggling me and at the time I didn’t know what it was so I continued working away and tried to ignore Mr Niggly. That was April 2016.

However, Mr Niggly didn’t ignore me and 6 months later I left that company for another, 4 months into working my third new job in 16 months, I came home on a Friday, what is now referred to lovingly as “My Inconsolable Friday” that day I came home and said “that is it,” I knew my 17 years as an electrician was nearly coming to an end, 1 months later I had left that job.

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.”– Mary Anne Radmacher

Not knowing what I was going to do next for a job I took some time out, time to think, do some looking around at what opportunities were out there and talk with people. I even got in contact with one of Ireland’s national radio stations looking for ideas and advice from their listeners on what could be my next new career.

Possibly you were listening to the radio that day when my email was read out and signed off by the “Sparkless Electrician.” You can listen to Anton read out my email on the show that day, simply click here and you can listen to me on Occupation Transformation by clicking here or you can see transcripts of emails at the end, maybe there is something there that will amuse or inspire you.

After a few weeks of soul-searching and doing some research, I decided “Digital Marketing” was the route I was going to follow, armed with my new found excitement and interest in digital marketing I began to research more and enrolled for some short training courses to help develop my knowledge of it. Even though, I was very excited and eager to pursue my new career choice the question repeatedly going around in my head was “What are you at? You’re an electrician.” It was that statement that caused me to seek out someone who could help me.

So, turning to Google I found a person who was an NLP Life & Business Coach, a few days later I went to see them. To shorten the story a little, after my session with the coach and taking a few days to think I decided to park my Digital Marketing idea and pursue a Mind Coaching career instead.

Now, that I had a plan returning to work was made easier because this time I had my Mind Coaching to focus on, knowing this was like music to my ears and I was happy. There were still times where work had its ups and downs but it didn’t matter as I knew that better things were on the horizon and as for Mr Niggly, these days, we are getting to become good friends.

I gained my NLP Practitioner qualification in October 2017 and Mind Coaching Qualification in December 2018. Also, I have returned to do an online Diploma in Digital Marketing and will have that completed by the end of August 2018.

Life sometimes will hand you a roadmap, where the roads are not straight lines with perfect corners and easy to follow route numbers but one where the roads twist and turn, there will be times when those roads will cross each other and times where you will go around the same roundabout more than once before you take the right exit to continue on the journey to your destination.

To listen to Anton read out my email on the show that day and see transcripts of emails simply click here and, or you can listen to me on Occupation Transformation by clicking here.

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