What lesson can your gut, a diesel car and €275 teach you?

What lesson can your gut, a diesel car and €275 teach you?

Curious? Well let me start at the beginning, picture this it’s a Saturday morning and like most recent Saturday mornings the sun is shining, the sky is blue and it looks like there is a beautiful day ahead.

This morning is like most other the ritual of going out for breakfast is on the cards but before any golden brown French toast stacked high with bacon and drizzled with maple syrup can be enjoyed I had to do a quick pit stop at the local Circle K to fuel up the car.

Now as I mentioned previously it was a beautiful Saturday morning and as I pull up alongside the fuel pump 4, I pop the level for the fuel cap and jump out of the car, headed around to the fuel tank, lift the nozzle on the fuel pump and proceed to fill the car and as I stand there minding my own business and daydreaming about my mouth-watering golden brown French toast, with bacon stacked high and covered crust to crust with maple syrup there is a sudden interruption, as the aroma of petrol fumes invades my sense of smell quickly vaporises away my mouth-watering French toast.

Then reality hit as I realised what I had just done…yep…I had begun to fill my diesel tank with petrol and when I mean begun I had €25 begun to fill my fuel tank with petrol 😢and to stay I was annoyed at what I had just done would be an understatement.

Ok, now you might be guessing that what had just happened would have been enough to teach me a lesson, well guess again…yes it gets better…and so enters the million-dollar question “What to do next?” and by now my gut instinct had also begun to kick in and was doing its best to get my attention, to get me to STOP for a minute or two and think about what would be the right thing to do next?

This is where the battle of the belly began, it was “gut instinct v hunger”, and it was “do the right thing vs French toast” and those of you who know me know I quite like my food and from that sentence you can guess the answer to the question “What to do next?”

The answer was “go ahead Séamus pick up the diesel nozzle and continue filling the fuel tank and that is exactly what I did…against my better judgement and denying my gut instinct which by this time was swishing and spinning around like a whirlpool, whirlpool washing machine on a 900 spin cycle shouting STOP CLOWN!! you know from experience this is the wrong thing to do…

Wrong thing to do!!

YES, and my gut proved itself to be right when after I had sat down and enjoyed my French toast with my oat milk cappuccino 🥓😊☕ I returned to my car which I had driven from the fuel pumps to the cafe where I had breakfast and it refused to start…again, again and again.

And again for the second time that day I ask myself “What to do next?” and this time having no empty belly or gut instinct battling with each other I reach for the savour “Google” to help me rescue the day.

After a quick search, I find a company called Fuel Rescue which I highly recommend should you ever be as clever as me and make the mistake (that’s what I am calling it) I did and accidentally put petrol in a diesel engine or vice versa. Luckily for me, Fuel Rescue was able to come to my aid swiftly and within an hour and a half, my car was back on the road like nothing had ever happened.

The bill for my mistake + filling the car with DIESEL = €275. (not including breakfast)

What lessons did I learn?

1. LISTEN to YOUR GUT instinct/intuition it will normally serve your best interest and see you right.

2. These next 2 are important ones; if this mistake happened to me years ago I would have potentially let it ruin my day, I would have been like cooking apples in a stewing pot slowly simmering until eventually reaching boiling point but fortunately now I know better and I can accept it for what it was, a mistake or a bad call or a lack in good judgement or whatever you like to call it.

We all make some mistakes and we will all continue to do so learn from them and then let the crap go.

3. Change your focus, by this I mean pick something good to focus on, it could be a good thing that happened, earlier that day, the day before or that week or it could be something you’re looking forward to, that you plan to do, in my case it was going to Lana Del Ray in concert that Saturday evening.

Focus on it, relive it or imagine what it will be like when you’re there living it, what will you see, hear, feel?

4. Never fill a diesel car with petrol and vice versa, if it happens and it does, never start the car and never drive it, simply make a call ring for help.

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